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Lampe blanche - JUMO Classique White

Providing Light Where There is Darkness

Providing light where there is darkness is a life-changing gift. The poorest people in the world pay a fortune for the worse performing source of light. For most of us, we take lighting for granted, spending a mere fraction of our income on lighting sources. Did you know 1.6 billion people have no access to safe lighting methods? People work for pennies a day and their income is limited by daylight hours. For many smoky kerosene lamps and candles are the only dangerous options to further themselves with education to better their lives.

Lampe noire - JUMO Classique Black
Lampe blanche - JUMO Classique White
Lampe blanche - JUMO Classique White

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Lampe décomposée - Caractéristiques de la lampe - JUMO Classique